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The goal of this new editor is to make adding rich content to WordPress simple and enjoyable. This whole post is composed of pieces of content—somewhat similar to LEGO bricks—that you can move around and interact with. Move your cursor around and you’ll notice the different blocks light up with outlines and arrows. Press the arrows to reposition blocks quickly, without fearing about losing things in the process of copying and pasting. What you are reading now is a text block the most basic block of all. The text block has its own controls to be moved freely around the post… Headings are separate blocks as well, which helps with the outline and organization of your content. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Network Description

With more than 8 years of experience in the advertising industry, The ValueImpression has experienced many revolutions of advertising technologies from Open RTB to further Header Bidding. We know the difficulties that publishers face, as well as the value that they have been losing.
We are supporting all type of Ad unit from Display Banner Ads to Outstream, Instream Video Ads and more which will cover all your website’s need. All ad units are applied Header Bidding technology keep us outstanding from all other.
For these reasons, we are here to help publishers optimize their assets to its maximum value. Don’t hesistate to register us Today!

Network Details
Commission Type:CPM
Minimum Payment:$ 0
Payment Frequency:NET-0, NET-7, NET-30, Daily, On Demand
Payment Method:Paypal, Payoneer, Bank Wire
Contact:Telephone: +84339366666
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